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About Canadian Study Services

Why should you choose to work with Canadian Study Services to manage your international study experience? The answer is simple: We are the experts when it comes to navigating the complex beaurocratic systems and application processes which need to be undertaken to successfully achieve your goal of studying in Canada.

Founded by two partners, the Canadian Study Services team has been supporting students in their quest to pursue their education in Canada since 1999. Having held several executive positions with Colleges in Vancouver, as well as undertaking Student Advisory roles, we are uniquely qualified to guide prospective students, helping them to choose schools and programs that will meet their needs, as well as to fulfill the program application requirements, and successfully apply for Study Permits and visas.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is a wonderful place to live and study. The natural environment is incredible, with clean air, stunning scenery, and plenty of recreational options, particularly in Vancouver. Located on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver boasts expansive beaches, majestic mountains, and a temperate climate. Summers are warm, but not too hot, and winters are mild, with temperatures usually hovering above zero degrees Celsius.

The people in this multicultural city are friendly and it is one of the safest cities to live in or visit. Local public transportation systems are well-developed, with a network of rapid transit, buses, and ferries enabling students to independently make their way through the city.

There are many top-rated colleges and universities here, which enable students to achieve their educational and career goals. Canada is also known for its outstanding language education programs, with many international students pursuing English fluency while studying here. Canada has two official languages, English and French, giving students the option of studying in their language of choice.

So, what makes Vancouver the best place to study?

Internationally Recognized Education

Canadian educational standards are high, and colleges and universities are closely regulated and licensed. As such, degrees, diplomas and certifications earned in Canada are recognized around the world, affording Canadian graduates global career opportunities.

Multicultural Society

Vancouver is a metropolitan city, populated by people of all ethnicities. Diversity and respect for others are valued here, and residents and visitors alike enjoy the welcoming and varied culture. And with students from around the world studying here, there are plenty of options for joining local ethnic and cultural social clubs.

Safe and Affordable

Safety is, of course, a concern for students who travel, and Vancouver consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in the world in which to live. And while studying abroad can be expensive, the fees for international students in Canada are lower than in the United States and in other Commonwealth countries, making a quality education more affordable here.

Work While You Study

One important benefit of studying in Canada is that many students are able to work while they study here, allowing them to offset the cost of their education. Even international students who do not obtain a work permit are permitted to seek on-campus employment, as long as they are enrolled in a qualified full-time program.

Students who wish to seek off-campus employment can choose to apply for a work permit, in addition to their study permit. Without a work permit, students can work up to 20 hours per week while studying full-time, and work full-time hours during study breaks (scheduled school vacations).  Students who wish to work more than that will require a Work Permit.


Vancouver has a well-developed transit network, including buses, rapid transit lines, and ferries, which allow for convenient travel anywhere in the city or the surrounding areas. Dedicated bike lanes are also present in many areas.