Visa Services


International students who wish to study in Canada, must apply for and obtain the correct visa and permits, depending on the country from which they are coming.

These may include:

Not all students are subject to the same requirements, so it is important to know which ones apply to your situation. Canadian Study Service helps students understand which visa/permits pertain to them, as well as assisting with the process of applying.

Temporary Resident Visa

Students who are citizens of some countries require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to enter Canada, while others may be exempt. If required, a visa must be obtained before the date of travel.

To see a list of countries of citizenship for which a visa is required, visit the Canadian Government website Entry Requirements by Country

For an online questionnaire to determine if you need a visa, visit Find Out if You Need a Visa

Where to Apply: To find out where you can apply for a visa, go to Find a Visa Application Centre

Online Application: Some visitors and students are eligible to apply online for a visa. To find out if you qualify, visit and create an account.

Application Requirements: To find out about the documents and applicable fee for a TRV application, download the Document Checklist. If you have questions about visa applications, please contact us.

Study Permit

Some international students will require a Study Permit to study in Canada, which should be obtained before traveling to Canada, and must be obtained before you can begin your program of study. If a Study Permit is required, the student must register for a program at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) to qualify.

For details about eligibility and how to obtain a Study Permit, see the links below:

Eligibility & Requirements: To find out if you require a Study Permit, and if you are eligible, visit Get a Study Permit

Apply for a Study Permit: To find out how to apply, visit How to Apply

Application Requirements: To see the list of required documents and the applicable fee, visit Get the Right Documents

Work Permit

International students who wish to obtain off-campus employment while they are studying in Canada may require a Work Permit. There are exceptions, however. Full-time students may work without a work permit in the following situations:

On-Campus Employment

Students may work on-campus without a work permit if they:

  • Are a full-time post-secondary student at an eligible institution
  • Are working on-campus at the institution at which they are studying
  • Have a valid study permit
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Off-Campus Employment

Students may work off-campus without a work permit, for up to 20 hours per week when school is in session, and full-time during scheduled school breaks (ie. spring break), if they:

  • Are a full-time post-secondary student at an eligible institution
  • Have a valid Study Permit
  • Attend a Designated Learning Institution, at the post-secondary level
  • Are studying in an academic, vocational or professional training program of at least six months in duration, which leads to a degree, diploma or certificate
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Other student Work Permit options include:

Student Co-op Work Permit – For students who are studying in an approved program which requires work experience as part of the curriculum, which must be completed to obtain the degree. For details, visit Work as a Co-op Student or Intern.

Post-Graduation Work Permit – Upon completion of a degree/certificate/diploma program at a Designated Learning Institution, students may be eligible for a temporary work permit equivalent to the length of their program of study. For details, visit Post-Graduation Work Permit.

If you have questions about work permits, please contact us. We are here to help.

To find out if you need a work permit to work off-campus, you can use this self-assessment tool.